Light weight, enclosed trailers for Sports Cars & Street Rods 


Ready to load

Shown with options: alloy deck overlay and passenger's side door.

            Ready to add canopy
(Early model without now-standard lengthwise ribs)

Aluminum Model SE-16BT-A
Shown with optional Alloy Wheels and Radial Tires



Electrical Specifications


Stanfdard Electrical 7-conductor as shown below

Model SE-14BT

  • 14 feet deck length including 2′ beaver tail for easy loading and unloading of low-profile cars
  • Deck Height: 20″-22", unloaded
  • Ramps 12″ wide, slide-out, typical 6 feet long standard, Galvanized traction mesh optional or std ladder type.  Alloy ramps on Aluminum models typical front stow to act as a "rock guard."
  • Tandem 3,500 Lbs axles with equalizer leaf spring suspension and stabilizers, legally rated at 7000 GVW
  • Payload: 5200 lbs enclosed; 5350 lbs open
  • Curb Weight: Steel frame 14′: 1800 lbs.
  • Curb Weight: Aluminum frame 14′: 1200 lbs.
  • Electric brakes (single axle); recommended optional dual axle brakes
  • Break-Away safety brake activator with battery pack
  • 15″ modular rims; optional 15″ Alloy Modulars or Spoke, optional balanced radial tires; all wheels 5 lug pattern (GA is 14" rims), powder coated steel
  • Tire load range C "Trailer Tires"
  • Low fenders for easy opening 65 roadster door; other vehicles please specify door height, removable fenders optional
  • Fully decked 2×6 Outdoor Wood, options: a) steel diamond plate painted; b) polished alloy diamond plate cover; c) “Broadway” black and white tile; or d) spray-on bed liner. Aluminum model has extruded aluminum deck only (except Oregon wood deck).
  • Heavy-duty tie down recessed D-ring anchors front and rear or optional E-Track
  • Electrical Interface – 7 pin (2" diameter round) standard trailer connector
  • Top heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl canvas around tubular steel structure, frame totally removable for convertible use as open trailer.
  • Openings with zippers for driver’s side door, front tie-down access, and rear entrance.  Extra doors optional.
  • DOT Flush mounted Lights 12 volt; brakes 12 volt. LED rear optional.
  • Safety chains  
  • Tandem tear-drop fenders, enamel paint or aluminum model: alloy fenders.
  • Coupler 2-5/16″ rated at 10,000 lbs
  • Recommended Hitch: Class III with 2″ square receiver, top of ball about 18″-19" from ground level (typically), loaded around 400-450 lbs. tongue weight
  • Tongue jack 2000 lbs. Optional heavier or swing away.  Can be made moved back to clear pickup tailgate.

  • Optional Models

    Available for larger cars:

    - SE-15BT-S: 15 feet with full steel deck, 4-wheel brakes, LED rear lights, 30″ rear dovetail, 60″ rear ramps, fixed fenders (PA, NC, MA, TX, OR, CA, etc.)
    - SE-16BT-S: 16 feet long for Mustangs, Cameros, Z06 Corvettes, and Daytona Coupes

    - SE-18BT-S: 18 feet long for Classic 50′s and 60″s Muscle cars
    - SE-14BT-ST: Taller for Vintage 30′s Street Rods, ATV’s, and Classic Pickups

    Optional Super Lightweight Models

    All Aluminum Construction:

    - SE-14BT-A
    Includes aluminum deck, fenders, frame, ramps, torsion axles, 82″ wide deck (78" width clearance) x 14 feet long including 30″ beavertail for loading low profile cars.

    - SE-15BT-A
    Includes aluminum deck, fenders, frame, ramps, torsion axles, 82″ wide deck (78" wide clearance) x 15 feet long including 30″ beavertail for loading low profile cars. 63-67 C2 Corvettes will fit in a 15.

    - SE-16BT-A, same except 16 feet deck for Daytona Coupes & Corvettes. 
    - SE-18BT-A, same except 18 feet deck for more room inside.

    Let us know what you need and ask for a proposal today.

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