Light weight, enclosed trailers for Sports Cars & Street Rods 


Benefits Summary

- Lightweight, easy to pull and control
- Save tow vehicle capital cost, wear and tear
- Aerodynamic shape reduces wind drag
- Energy efficient: saves fuel when towing
- Safe, easy to stop w 4-wheel self-adjusting brakes
- Small, easy to store and park
- Fits inside some garages
- Strong frame; 7000 GVW for 5000 lb cars if needed
- Rear Door Ramp or Lightweight ramps
- Easy loading and unloading
- Custom built to order

LOADING is Easy          

 Shown in Optional Aluminum


Shown with Optional Passenger's Side Door


Shown with Optional Alloy Wheels


Fits in most garages, car can be driven inside

The Serpent Express is the first in a family of lightweight enclosed
automobile trailers. Designed around a replica of a 1965 Shelby
Cobra 427 S/C Roadster, the  unit is compact and easy to tow.

The typical interior dimensions of the canopy are 34″ High at front
(61″ high at roll bar, 50" rear height opening clearance) x 78″ wide (clearance) x 14′ long. The low profile of the Serpent Express helps to reduce wind drag and minimizes trailer weight due to this low-profile shape.  Since each SE is a custom build, the height is easily made to accommodate most any car.

The rear deck is low due to the beavertail. At only 16″ to 19″ off
the ground, the provided typical 6 foot ramps make for an easy transition, clearing bell housings and sidepipes. Jacking up the trailer front is not needed for this low profile design.

The standard trailer is manufactured of steel for strength and reliability.
Dual 3500 lb axles provide heavy hauling in the dual purpose mode.
With a legal GVW of 7000 lbs, and an enclosed trailer weight of 1900 lbs,
one has a legal payload capacity of 5100 lbs. Of course, the tow vehicle
wants to be considered for heavy loads.



Remove the canopy and framework, and you have an open trailer for
utility purposes. The multi-purpose capability has advantages that other
quipment can be hauled between times when the roadster is being
taken between home and a remote destination (or during rain). So the
investment has more than one practical use.

Treated Steel tube fittings are welded to the trailer frame to secure the
canopy frame to the trailer. Due to the modular design of the canopy frame, breakdown of the frame for storage or shipment is accomplished with nothing more than a 7/16 and a 1/2″ wrench.

To attach the top to the frame evenly, slide bars are utilized around the
perimeter of the frame. This attachment technique evenly distributes top
tension, reducing buffeting of the fabric during transport.

For storage, the standard 14 foot Serpent Express can usually fit inside
a standard depth garage because it is only 18-4″ feet long and less than
 7′ tall. The SE requires 9 foot wide garage door as fender width (102″)
exceeds single car 8′ garage door width. When used or stored outdoors,
the sloped “wedge” shape easily sheds rain so that puddles do not collect
on the top.

The top is constructed of a strong 18 oz vinyl canvas, the same as used
on the sides of big highway trucks that have flexible sides that can be
raised for side loading. This material is proven tough for weather and the
winds developed at highway speeds. So, one gets a long life expectancy
with this durable, yet soft, top. To protect the cover for outdoor storage, a tarp of some kind is recommended.


Optional Models available:

  • SE-16BT: 16 feet long for more length such as Daytona Coupes, Porsches, & Corvettes.  Remember the interior width is about 78" so that may be a limitation for your car.
  • SE-18BT: 18 feet long for more room
  • SE-14BT-T: Taller for Vintage 30′s Street Rods 
  • SE-14BT-A: 14 foot Aluminum construction of frame, deck, ramps and fenders; includes torsion axles, only 1200 lbs.
  • SE-16BT-A: 16 foot Aluminum construction of frame, deck and fenders; includes torsion axles, only 1300 lbs.
  • SE-18-Tilt: 18 Foot tilt aluminum frame and fenders, no ramps needed 
  • See "SPECIFICATIONS" page for more optional models 

Let us know what you are wanting to tow and
ask for a proposal today.


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