Light weight, enclosed trailers for Sports Cars & Street Rods 



Serpent Express Softtop 14′ Enclosed

Typical Hardtop 20′ Enclosed


Weight 1800 lbs in Steel (1600 CA); 1200 lbs. in Aluminum 3325 lbs Lighter weight SE trailer yields safer haul for lighter weight tow vehicle possibilities. Serpent Express (SE) tows at less fuel cost per mile.
Gross Vehicle Weight/Payload 7000/5200 Steel; 7000/5800 Aluminum 7000/3675 Can haul heavier payload load on SE
Length 14′ Bed, 18′-4″ overall 20′ Bed, 23′-7″ overall Easier to store SE due to less length. Still too wide for a single garage.
Flexibility Converts to open trailer Enclosed only Muti-purpose SE offers more flexible use of investment
Tow Vehicle Medium size tow vehicle (Explorer, Cherokee, Durango, Tundra, F-150, etc. class) Requires heavy tow rig (F250, F350, Expedition, Suburban, etc.) Reduced tow vehicle investment and maintenance costs.
Ease of Loading Rear deck with Dovetail height only 16-19″ Deck height 22″ - 24"  Lower deck height on SE; easier to clear bell housings and sidepipes
Security Heavy duty vinyl canvas walls Thin 0.030″ Alum sheet metal over 3/8″ plywood walls (typical) Hardtop more secure but w Car Alarm in SE, we feel secure
Protection from Weather & Road Debris 100% 100% equal
Safety Features Electric brakes 4 wheels, breakaway system, 2 5/16″ coupler, full DOT lighting including sides, reflectors, saftety chains, 5-lug rims, & Load C tires Similar features equal
Towing Aerodynamics Only 36″ tall at front, sloping up to 61″ tall (above deck) at 10′ back, then sloping down to 51″ tall at rear 82″ tall at front with level top Enormous difference in wind resistance, buffeting, etc. in favor of Serpent Express.

Which trailer is easier to tow, control, park, and store?

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