Light weight, enclosed trailers for Sports Cars & Street Rods 



Cameron Earnshaw of Sedona, AZ
SE-126 First Flat-Top Serpent Express


April 2016 

We haven't had a drop of rain in three months, but for the first trip to a car show with my SE it poured rain most of the way. Of course, the AMX stayed nice and dry! I was remembering that I almost canceled going to a car show last year because it was threatening rain, and at the time I only had an open trailer. I'm relieved not to have to worry about that any longer! The SE tows great, and seems to be have no more wind loading than the car on the open trailer.
Cameron E. – Arizona


Larry Adams of Lima, Ohio
at Double Venon Spring Fling June 2004

"Just towed my new "Serpent Express" trailer back from Tennessee last weekend... although towing empty at 75-80MPH it pulled like a dream. The FFR loads very easily with the low ramps, tie down is easy once you get it figured out. (Tie hoops welded onto the front of the 4" tubes makes it a snap) I am extremely impressed with the quality of both the trailer, the rail structure & the heavy vinyl canvas covering. I have just finished putting graphics on it & will pull it down to Columbus for the Fling. Although I am not a seller of the trailers, DV is excited about it & has graciously offered us a spot at all the venues. We'll have it parked where everyone can take a good look at it. I am more than pleased with my purchase." Update 9-01-04 "I am really happy with the trailer... low ramps, easy to load/unload & at 1800# it pulls like a dream even with a smaller truck or SUV." Update 9/8/4: "Towed the trailer to VIR over last weekend, 1325 miles, towed great at 75-80MPH all the way there & back, only dropped my gas mileage 3 1/2-4 MPG."

Bob Potter of Las Cruces, New Mexico

             Tow Vehicle: 2004 Jeep Cherokee Limited

 1965 427 S/C Roadster Superformance Anniversary Model

Ready to head home

Sept 11, 2004 "The SE towed like a champ. No problems at all and the Jeep is a great tow vehicle. The '04 has a 5 speed automatic tranny and I didn't use OD lockout. The vehicle is very smart and down shifts automatically to 4th or 3rd as required. We got 15+ mpg with the A/C on running in 100+ degrees of heat. Not bad. Of course 2500 lbs. of car will change that some but I expect no problems."

April 15, 2005 after 7-hour trip from Phoenix: "Couldn't be happier with the SE. Did all I ever expected and more. The 2004 4.8-liter Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled it just fine- through the mountains in and out of Globe, AZ and then uphill for 300 miles to the continental divide near Lordsbug, NM and then home to Las Cruces, NM. Tracked well, even in some stiff cross winds. Brakes on both axles and the Tekonosha brake controller are the way to go. I thought I might need to add a load leveler package to the Jeep but the tongue weight is balanced so well, I think not."

April 18, 2005: "The Jeep pulls the SE just fine. It is a 2004 4.8 V8 4 wheel drive. When the trailer is empty you don't know it is there. With the car loaded, acceleration on the flat is OK- keeps up with traffic no problem, The auto tranny is smart. Kicks down a gear or two when it needs to. Took the Cobra back from Phoenix up through the mountains of Globe with out a problem. Then 300 miles of uphill to the continental divide. Got 11 MPG towing with AC on uphill most of the way. Usually get 22 MPG w/o the trailer. This is our third Grand Cherokee. Not one problem. We use it for 4 wheeling in the desert sand as well as grocery shopping.


Don Choura of West Linn, Oregon

Tow Vehicle: 2004 Ford Ranger XLT
- 4L V6 207 HP, Class III towing Pkg.

- 5980 Max Trailer Weight
To haul a 1966 427 S/C Roadster by ERA

   Dec 31, 2004
"Planning on starting the 2005 trips:
- April 8-11 - Phoenix
- June - Columbus, OH (DVSF)
- Sept - San Jose & Carmel
"Very pleased with the way the SE handled on the (Oregon to Phoenix) trip. Could have used about 50 more HP for the Ranger climbing over Tejone and past Mt. Ashland, but other than that a very smooth trip." DonC


Oct 24, 2006 Update
"Very pleased with my Serpent Express.
Towing history:
-Portland, OR to Phoenix, AZ & return (~3000 mi)
-Portland, OR to Columbus, OH & return (~5800 mi)
-Portland, OR to Sacramento, CA & return (~1300 mi)
-Local towing of my and other owners cars to 8-10 local events.
Tow vehicle - 04 Ford Ranger w/4.0L (207 hp)
The package tows very nicely and, with my Ranger, cruises without strain at highway speeds of 70-75 mph. Very easy to handle when towing." DonC

James Dodson of Illinois

Getting ready to go.

June 12, 2005
"Larry, I towed the car today and I hardly knew it was there." 
James D.
June 28, 2005 Update
"...we just got back from the London, Ohio Cobra show. We pulled the trailer and car approx. 1000 miles and averaged about 12.5 mpg with our F-150 4-wheel drive. which isn't too bad considering we usually only get 16 mpg on the highway with the air conditioning on. So it cost us about 3.5 mpg. I am very happy with that mileage. The trailer got a lot of exposure at the show and several guys were very interested in the trailer. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a few orders out of it. Overall the trailer is everything that I expected and more. James D."

Steve Courtwright of Elk Grove, CA
Expert Automotive owner SE-010



65 FFR 427 S/C Roadster

     Heading to Knott's Berry Farm Car Show 4/26/05

"I love my Serpent Express! I bought the steel model with wood floor. I found the trailer tows extremely well and get better mileage than the hard-side I used to use. I was towing with a short bed, standard cab Chevy half ton pickup (4.8) and never had a problem-even over the Grapevine into L.A. The Serpent is easy to load and unload and kept my car bone dry, even in a couple of downpours. Check Larry's web site; he is a nice guy and easy to work with. Steve 3/13/06"


Terry Stapley of Grantsville, UT

June 2, 2005
"I just towed my Cobra from Utah to California and back, a total of 1700 miles, in a Serpent Express and all I can say is WOW!! The tow vehicle is a Ford F150 Super Crew 5.4L and it will tow all day at 75 mph. The trailer is lightweight and even with the Cobra on board it tows like a dream. This was the first trip for this SE and it was outstanding, I cannot say enough good things about it!"


London Cobra Show


 I Know, Right?

Chris Russell of Geneva, IL


Just wanted to send you some pictures of my finished trailer upgrade project, featuring SE-94 retro-kit.

The trailer started as a twenty-year-old steel open trailer with only a partial deck (runners for the vehicle).  I used Drymax OSB to enclose the center of the deck, added all new brakes, and replaced just about everything else on the trailer (including new LED lighting throughout).

However, the biggest difference is the Serpent Express cover system.  It fits absolutely perfect.  Although that shouldn't have surprised me after looking at other SE trailers, I figured that since you were working only from my measurements, drawings, and photos that something could have potentially been not-quite-right.  Instead, it fits like a bespoke suit for the trailer - even the rear flap is spot on at the lower edge of the beaver tail.

While I still have a few wrinkles to work out of the cover. the pictures show how I was able to get the cover looking working all alone - I'm sure that with one or two helpers, it will look even better!!!

Kudos to the SE / PrimEquip team for making such an outstanding product available as an alternative to heavy, enclosed trailers.  I'll be using this to transport my Factory Five roadster, my wife's '67 Camaro, and my newly acquired project - a GT350 Mustang clone vintage race car.

Bob Zook of Encinitas, CA

Aug. 9, 2011: "This is the "Lang Cooper" we took to Monterey in a Serpent Express. It is sitting next to Peter Brock's "Brock Coupe". Peter designed the body in 1963 or 64 and it is basically a re-bodied "Shelby King Cobra" I finished the restoration of the car for Peter in 2006. After the car ran at Monterey it was shipped to it's new owner in Europe."

Aug. 8, 2011: Here is a picture of our 1963 Watson Roadster (Indy Car) in my Serpent Express just prior to leaving for Fontana in April." Value? "About $250,000.00 it would be more but it doesn't have much history at Indy. The Lang Cooper is worth about $750,000.00."

Ron Everitt of MA
Tow Vehicle: GMC Canyon Pickup

Another Retro Kit Ready to Roll


July 2, 2012
"Hi Larry, the trailer tows great stops great- (it has brakes both axles) and is plenty Big.   My little GMC Canyon pulled it to Columbus Ohio and back with no problems at all (it is a 5.3 V8 300 horse 320 lbs.-ft. torque) and had no problem keeping up with Henry Renaud towing a SE with his big $55000 Ford diesel and with John Takvorian and his Dodge Cummins who bought my old trailer."


Larry N. Johnson of Milwaukie, Oregon

Near Prineville Reservoir, July 24, 2004

"I pulled a Serpent Express loaded with our 1965 FFR 427 S/C Roadster inside over 250 miles, including around Mt. Hood, with an Explorer V8. No control problems at all."



Dick Sheehan of Meridian, ID


Loading up.

"I own a "Serpent Express" and really like it for several reasons. It is light weight while still covering my car. I can remove the cover and haul my Ford 8N tractor as well as other stuff. My Dodge 1500 only has a 318 engine but can still pull the trailer and car with no problems. On the way to the WSCB in Reno there was a 20 to 30 MPH head wind and the cruise control kept the truck and trailer cruising right along at 75MPH easily. (I was in a hurry to get there) On the way home at a more reasonable 60MPH and no wind we got great MPG. In addition to all of these reasons Larry Johnson is a nice guy and great to work with." Dick Sheehan 6-1-05

Brad Berger of Tacoma, WA
Tow Vehicle: 2005 Land Rover V8 Tow Rig

            1965 Daytona Coupe by Superformance right out of the container

          Serpent Express for Daytona Coupe Heading Home

"She pulled like a dream - no problems at."


Paul Borror of Michigan
Tow vehicle: 2012 Dodge Durango Citadel
- 3.6 liter DOHC V-6
- Factory trailer towing package


July 2, 2012.
"Hi Larry. I’ve had two trips with the SE. One to a buddies’ car show in Canada (just over the border from where I live) and then to the London Cobra show, about a 600 mile round trip. We’ll be taking it another show this coming weekend. The trailer with the car in it tows great. Most of the time you don’t even know it’s there. Our V-6 Dodge Durango normally gets 21-22 MPG on highway driving. Averaged just over 16 towing down to London and back. Probably not driving quite as fast as with no trailer, but still I’m very pleased. My wife and I both commented we would have no issue taking this rig anywhere. It’s really painless all around." for an SE trip

SE and Sports Car in the garage

Bob Cowan of Colorado Springs, CO

"Back in December I was planning a visit to Ogden, UT. So I figured, Hey, I'm already out there! Might as well pick up a new trailer while I'm there. No sense driving all the way back empty, and it would save me some shipping costs. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

So, I gave Larry a shout and ordered one. But I wanted a few features that don't normally come on a SE. Maximum utility and easy towing are the main goals. Looks are a distant third. I wanted 5 doors, something that had never been done before. "No Problem", says Larry. E-track, D-rings, Alum deck, extra bracing, LED tail lamps. "No problem", says Larry.

6 weeks later, here we are." 

"I picked up the trailer on Sat, and parked it in the hotel parking lot for a few days. Monday morning, we awoke to 5" of new snow. We drove in snow and ice to a few miles east of Evanston, WY. No problems at all. I hated to see my shiny new trailer covered with road slime, but that's the way it goes. The rest of the trip was mostly clear. A few snow showers here and there, and a few short stretches of snow packed roads.

Lots of wind, mostly cross winds from the north. You know how WY can be. The only thing between WY and the Yukon is a barbed wire fence. And I heard that was down. And it was dang cold, too. At one point it was -10*F.

Trailer towed like a dream the whole trip. No excessive bouncing. No wagging. No problems at all." 

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