Light weight, enclosed trailers for Sports Cars & Street Rods 


Easy to load your sports car.

Sealed from weather and road debris.

Take your car to track day.


Serpent Express your sports car
on vacation...more fun!



Welcome to, designer, manufacturer and
distributor of the Serpent Express enclosed car trailer. We 
design and manufacture trailers for specialty cars that consist
of strong vinyl-canvas canopies fixed atop full-featured steel or
aluminum car-hauling trailers.

The trailers are specially constructed to facilitate and secure the
canopy, provide a low-to-the-ground entry utilizing either a
downward-sloped tail ("dove tail") or dropped axles with pull-out
ramps for easy loading of low-profile cars.

The decision has been taken to offer “Serpent Express Retro Kits”
for existing open car hauler trailers. The new kit offers:
1. Proven applications in service
2. Complete new top, custom made to fit trailer
3. Associated fittings
4. Plans, instructions, and layouts
5. Bolt on or weld parts
6. Attractive pricing
7. Delivered to your door

1. Some experience with tools helpful.
2. Some parts needed locally.
The issue we have been dealing with primarily are fixed fenders.
The compromise is that the “SE Retro Kit” allows the existing
fenders to remain attached for easier installation. The new cover
will attach straight down to the deck. And it can go around things
like tire racks, too. The option of having one of our “Assemblers”
install the kit for the owner of the trailer is still viable, so the

conversion can be as simple as a drop off one week and pick it up
as an SE Conversion trailer a week later.

Anyway, hope this helps a few folks. Certainly save a lot of dollars
that can be used for other things! Oh, yes: Retro Kit delivery is 
about 6-8 weeks, depending on backlog. Send your trailer dimen-
sions and a photo or two for a proposal!

Though I used my own car as the basis for the design, our trailer is
designed to handle almost any narrow automobile under 5,000 lbs. Our
canopy frames are removable, providing the flexibility of multi-uses.

Proven with over 150 units in service, your investment risk is low.

Larry N. Johnson – President

Call me today 503-329-3010
or Email:

If you are on Facebook and an SE Owner, please join the
Serpent Express Owners Group (do a FB search) 



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